Getting Sassy

part of the Getting Even series

With her nearly broke and practically homeless mother about to land on her doorstep, Robyn Guthrie learns that desperation can play havoc with a daughter's scruples. Otherwise, why would she even consider kidnapping a goat and holding it for ransom?

Tyrus (Consortium, dist.)
September 2010
$24.95 hardcover
ISBN 978-1-935562-22-1
$14.95 paperback
ISBN 978-1-935562-21-4


Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Caper fans will relish Brod's offbeat stand-alone thriller. Illinois freelance writer Robyn Guthrie can no longer afford to keep her elderly mother, Lizzie, in an assisted living facility. Desperate to come up with the cash somehow, Robyn considers a variety of illegal acts. In the end, she seeks to kill two birds with one stone by trying to retrieve a large amount of Lizzie's savings that were lost in a real estate scam from the con man responsible, Bull Severn. Fortunately, Robyn's shady accountant, ex-jockey Mick Hughes, has access to Bull and, more importantly, to Bull's prize possession, a racehorse called Bull's Blood. Mick, who has financial troubles of his own, takes seriously Robyn's half-baked notion of holding Sassy, a goat to whom Bull's Blood is emotionally attached, for ransom. Brod (Heartstone) expertly blends suspenseful action with characters readers will care for, in particular her sympathetic and plausible lead.

Chicago Sun Times

CHICAGO LIT | Author concocts quite a caper out of thinking 'What if?'
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